PV-1 is a personal space activator, a wearable device which enables the user to adjust and physically determine the volume of their optimal personal space.

The photograph on left shows
PV-1 in high position, the extended rods clearing a circular space of approximately 2 metres in diametre.

A single switch triggers the motorised lifting up or down of the 11 to 14 rods. The whole mechanism including battery and control electronics is conveniently mounted on a leather belt.

Motion and light patterns can be programmed to increase the effect of the device.

Material: leather, steel, aluminium, plastic, arduino electronics, leds.

Concept and fabrication:
Paul Gazzola and Paul Granjon
Model: Nadia Cusimano
Photographs: Stephen Oxenbury, Heidrun Löhr


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Personal Space Activator, low position
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Switch and control system
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Belt-mounted servo-motor and rod holder detail
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PV-1 product demo, low position
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PV-1 product demo, high position