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back pack tail

An unusual personal comfort accessory, the Roo provides the multifunctionality of a tail recliner / headlight visor in a backpack-style unit.

Worn in low position it is a reclining aid allowing the user to take weight off their legs and relax while standing. In high position the dual powerful headlight beams mounted on the device light-up dark zones.

The operation is efforless thanks to a powerful 12V motor. Additionally a luggage compartment can be loaded with day-trip essemtials.

Material: wood, metal, electric motor, hi-brightness leds.

Concept and fabrication:
Paul Gazzola and Paul Granjon
Model: Paul Gazzola
Photographs: Stephen Oxenbury, Heidrun Löhr

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Roo lowering operation
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Tail joint detail
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View of modified backpack
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Tail motor switch
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Roo during product demonstration, note the red backlights